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Daily Resolution

Happy New Year! 2021 offers opportunity to throw away that which is old to welcome the new! I've heard testimonials from all over about how devastating 2020 was. The most memorable, was a meme that I saw of someone's bad dream... the year 2020. Many of us have lost loved ones; jobs and a sense of safety and security that we used to have. I appreciate the sentiment of starting over so much that I believe it should not only come once a year, but everyday! Listen, year 2020 taught us that there are a lot of things in life that we cannot control and that is scary. But, each new day brings new hope with it. Understanding hope, we can pledge to approach each new day with gratitude, courage and expectation. So, don't want until the new year to hope for the best, start tomorrow!

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"Make my Hindsight Your 20/20" by Derek Young "Right Sizing Your Life" by Monica Schmelter "When to Speak Up and When to Shut up" by Dr. Michael D. Seedler


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