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"Don't Sever the Cord"

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Last Thursday, I walked the Memphis River Walk with my family; it's a long bridge that connects downtown Memphis, Tennessee to West Memphis, Arkansas. During the first part of our mile long journey, we enjoyed the open air with the big blue sky as our covering. There were others trekking the bridge; singles, couples and families with pets. I tried to keep a distance of at least six feet between myself and the person behind me; I was the family member that lagged behind. I attempted to be my bubbly, sociable self; greeting those I passed along the way. When we met the half mile mark of our journey we entered a tunnel - like structure. My environment had changed and I must admit that I noticed a change in my behavior as well.

I started to feel very guarded; I stopped greeting those who passed me, I barely looked at anyone; I kept my head down. It was as if I thought that I'd become infected with a deadly disease through mere eye contact. I was afraid to connect.

Fast forward...

So, today I watched a show about pregnant women and due to a question that my nine year old daughter asked I showed her a video of a fetus during the gestation period. My daughter inquired about the fetus' umbilical cord and I explained the purpose of the cord was to connect the fetus to its mother. I realized after the baby was born the umbilical cord was still attached until the doctor severed the cord.

That's when I had an epiphany....

The baby traded its physical cord, or connector to an emotional connector the day it was born. Unlike the physical connector, the new (emotional) connector has the ability to reach multiple people, not just one.

Under the threat of COVID19, humans all over the world are challenged to limit social interaction and even in some cases; isolate themselves from other humans in efforts to preserve safety. Though we should adhere to prescribed guidelines to preserve safety, we shouldn't sever the cord that connects us because our need and ability to connect is a part of our humanity.

I must admit that it's a challenge, sometimes it takes imagination and creativity to pull it off but society depends on our perseverance to stay connected. You see, when I walked in that tunnel I mentioned earlier, I was afraid; I treated everyone as if they embodied a deadly plague, I wouldn't even look at others; it was so unlike me, but I was walking in fear.

When life started for each of us we were connected to someone, I believe that we are intended to stay connected to each other.

This blog is my effort.

So, when you've reached the end of a long and lonely day and you change into your PJs, take a look at your belly button and remember that your mother was connected to someone special to get you into this world and that person my dear, was you!

Now you should find someone special to connect to and when you do, don't sever that cord.

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